إبتدا | beginnings

Zahir (ظاهر‎)  | taken to mean that which is external and manifest. the outer dimension 

Batin (باطن‎) | taken to mean that which is hidden. the inward dimension

***Within sufi theosophy, the actions of an individual are zahir whilst the intention of the heart is batin. It is the inward self of the individual, when cleansed with the light of the Lord, that elevates a person spiritually. This notion is connected to Allah’s attribute of the Hidden One, who cannot be seen by the eyes of mankind yet whose existence and essence remains in every realm.***

This is something I have been meaning to do for eons, but never found the courage nor time to organise my thoughts into a few words. I’ve always loved to write. I know that words can change a nation, they have in the past and will continue to do so in the future. What made me want to do this more so than anything else is that there are no word limits, and no physical audience. I’m truly hoping this isn’t a phase and I’m hoping I have enough words in me to write about things that never cease to put me in a trance-like state.

I’ve decided to write because the world is on fire and I sit in front of my computer screen helpless. All I have to put out these flames are my words. All I have to honour the oppressed are my words. 

I’ve decided to write because I want the world in my hands and not in my heart. I want to detach myself from the realm of the transient world and I can only do this once I begin to think aloud and truly understand myself. The hairs on my head may grey before I achieve this, but I will start by writing about what matters to me most. 

My soul exists between what you can see (zahir) and what is concealed (batin). I am writing this blog to reconcile between the two. To bring peace to my mind by allowing the words to flow from my mind and, in the process, I hope to remember that though we are just a small entity, within us lies the entire universe. 

 *** paraphrased from Intellectual Traditions in Islam (F. Daftary) ***

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